30 November 2011

Sailors of the Skies

If you pop over to the Alchemy Press blog you see that we've published our first Kindle book -- well, novella: Mike Chinn's Sailors of the SkiesIt mixes “generous dollops of The Scorpion, The Shadow and Dominic Fortune, a taste for 1930s detective fiction, and the simple desire to tell a creepy tale…” How can that not tempt you?

The BFS Journal

My latest editorial extravaganza is coming to an end. As I type these words, Cavan Scott is creating the PDF files of the winter 2011/12 issue of the BFS Journal. Very soon it will be ready for the printers -- in time (I hope) for mailing out before Christmas.

The BFS Journal combines the society's individual magazines Dark Horizons (mainly fiction, edited by me [with poetry edited by Ian Hunter]) and Prism (non-fiction, edited by Lou Morgan). In fact, when the Journal was first introduced in December 2010 it also included New Horizons, edited by Andrew Hook. Andrew stepped down as editor of NH in the summer and it was decided to discontinue that title.

For this issue we abandoned the previous DH and Prism sections, combining the fiction and non-fiction to produce a better balanced publication. The cover artwork is by this year's British Fantasy Award-winning artist Vincent Chong. A list of the Journal's contents can be found on the BFS website.

With this issue I am following in Andrew's footsteps and leaving the editorial chair. The new editor is renowned author Guy Adams.