29 June 2013

Altered Images - 8

One of those updated Daleks that look more like the new Mini, if you ask me.

Photography update

On the photography front, I have a spread of photos in the 2013 World Fantasy Convention Souvenir Book, images taken at a previous WFC. And I shall be exhibiting some photographs in the art show, too.

28 June 2013

Activity at the Alchemy Press

It’s about time I added another post to this blog. Trouble is, even though I am officially retired I seem to be busier than ever. That’s a good thing though, isn’t it? After all, it should help keep the mental processes ticking over nicely. Anyway, I should mention some of the Alchemy Press stuff I’ve been up to of late. In no particular order...

This autumn (or fall, if you prefer) The Alchemy Press is launching three anthologies at The World Fantasy Convention, held in Brighton over the Halloween weekend. These are:

Astrologica: Storiesof the Zodiac edited by Allen Ashley

The Alchemy Press Bookof Pulp Heroes 2 edited by Mike Chinn (a follow up to last year’s volume)

The Alchemy Press Bookof Urban Mythic edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber (a ‘sort of’ follow up to 2012’s Ancient Wonders)

The editors have now selected their stories – for details check out the links.

The Alchemy Press has published another e-novella: “In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair” by Cate Gardner. As soon as I read this novella I knew we had to publish it. If, like me, you prefer your fiction to touch on the weird, the strange, this should be right up your street. Available for the Kindle and other e-readers.

And we’ve announced a new anthology to be published in July 2014: Kneeling in the Silver Light – Stories of the Great War. This book will commemorate the outbreak of the First World War; editor Dean M. Drinkle will open the submission window later this year.

There are a few more items in the pipeline. I don’t believe in jinxes and the like but ... well, I rather not say too much right now.

01 June 2013

Playlist for 2013 -- Part 5

May's tracks:

121      Cat Power – Salty Dog
122      Who – My Generation
123      Loudon Wainwright III – Glad to See You've Got Religion
124      Forest – A Glade Somewhere

125      Walkabouts – The Light Will Stay On
126      Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
127      Kirsty MacColl – There's a Guy Works Down the Fishshop...
128      Vapours – Turning Japenese
129      Pink Floyd – Astonony Domine
130      Thin Lizzy – Roisin Dubh (Black Rose)
131      Fisher Z – Pretty Paracetamol
132      Motorhead – Ace of Spades (acoustic)
133      Girls – Vomit

134      Creedence Clearwater Revival – Ramble Tamble
135      Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
136      SAHB – Gambling Bar Room Blues
137      Cream – White Room
138      Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi
139      Supergrass – Caught by the Fuzz
140      Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
141      Doors – People Are Strange
142      Sparks – Amateur Hour
143      Joy Division – Transmission
144      dEUS – For the Roses
145      Fall – How I Wrote Elastic Man

146      Dr Feelgood – Roxette
147      Faces – That's All You Need
148      Loving Spoonful – Younger Generation
149      Arlo Guthrie – Alice's Restaurant
150      Seeds – Can't Seem to Make You Mine
151      Ralph McTell – Streets of London