19 February 2012

Dark Horizons 51

Issue 51 of Dark Horizons (again co-edited with Jan Edwards) appeared towards the end of 2007. The cover was a photograph taken and altered by a member of a local photographic society. Don Barker had created several fabulous Photoshopped images that were – it seemed to me – not fully embraced by many of the typically more conservative society members. Pity.

Anyway, contents wise, DH51 included a brief piece by H P Lovecraft! This was the vignette’s first UK publication.

And between DH’s covers:

What the Moon Brings - H P Lovecraft (introduced by Stephen Jones)
By Right of the Stars - Anne Gay
Roots of the Editor: Ellen Datlow - Jan Edwards *
In His Charge - Nicki Robson
Decayed Gentility - Marion Pitman (v)
The Invisible Prince - David Sutton*
The Perils of Pentavir - Allen Ashley
The Dullitch Assassins - David Lee Stone
Father’s Day - David Turnball
That was My Veil - Ian Hunter (v)
The Children of Monte Rosa - Reggie Oliver

(v) = verse,  * = non-fiction

David Sutton’s article was on the Irish fantasist J Sheridan Le Fanu. In the notes, Sutton said he began writing the piece in the 1970s for a book project that didn’t see completion.

Additional artwork and photos were by Bob Covington, Reggie Oliver, Glenn James, Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards.

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